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Akarma Wines
Akarma Wines
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South Africa

Where are your wines available?
Our wines are currently in Kenya and soon to arrive in Canada and other countries!

Where are your wines from exactly?
Our wines are sourced from South Africa within the winelands of the Western Cape, currently in the areas of the Olilfant's River and Robertson.

How long does the wine last and how should it be stored?
Our entry level red wine will last well up to three years from bottling date and our white wine within up to 2 years from bottling date. The wine should be stored horizontally in a cool dark place.

Why does the wine contain sulphur?
With literally just a few exceptions all wines contain a certain level of added sulphur. Sulphur is essential as a preservative in wine, to prevent unwanted bacteria and yeasts from colonising the wine and spoiling it.

How can I order this wine?
We sell only to importers and wholesalers, consumers need to purchase from retailers. Please feel free to contact us on the information set out on the left and we can advise you further.

Can I develop a brand for my market?
Absolutely, we specialise in finding the right wine style, price point, packaging and labelling to suit a particular market or market segment .

I cannot find an answer to my question?
Please contact us directly at the address set out on the left and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.