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Integral to our company's vision is a strong policy of community and environmental responsibility.

We believe very strongly in sustainable development and empowerment of marginalized communities in Africa both in wine growing regions and elsewhere

This Kenyan based project is run by a group of Columbian Nuns running a rescue centre for destitute woman in the very remote and arid northern region of Barsaloi. These woman have been cast out of their tribes or run away from their families for many reasons. There is very little chance in this area for them to survive except with the help of the nuns. We work with these groups of women by having them produce the beaded amulets for our bottles and so provide them with a source of income. They also have the opportunity to rediscover lost artisanal skills.

This venture therefore is able to benefit an area with virtually no formal economy and to empower woman who are for the most part wholly dependant on charity. Due to the enormous success of Mara Wine, the demand for the amulets soon out-stripped this group's ability to produce, and so we had to find an additional source. Subsequently we have set up another women's group along the same lines within Kenya to produce these hand made traditional African bead necklaces and amulets. With the growing demand our plan is to continue to support more groups in this activity not just in Kenya but also in South Africa working with locally disadvantaged farm workers and members of the rural communities. The concept is such a simple and empowering way to help people and has proven so effective and sustainable that it will continue to develop as Mara Wine grows with endless possibilities and opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of women who would otherwise have very limited access to economic empowerment.

In every step and decision of the bottling and supply process we make every effort to make sure our carbon footprint impact is as small as possible. However due to the nature of the industry and the traditional use of resources this is not always possible to optimise.

As much as possible we choose suppliers that are aware of and ensure compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and product/production process related requirements affecting it's environmental aspects as well as aiming to minimise the environmental impact of their activities of their own accord. Furthermore we constantly evaluate the potential for more environmentally friendly packaging from different suppliers world-wide as more products from progressive suppliers become available.

Over and above this we are recording our total carbon impact and pledge to offset the emissions produced with a tree re-planting programme in the future to make us as near to carbon neutral as possible. As two growing families we are concerned about the legacy of our planet and wish that our future generations can enjoy the benefits of the resources and environments as we have. We feel by making a positive contribution along with many others we can encourage businesses and people alike to take action.
Below are links to websites that explain and give understanding to these issues and even have calculators so you can assess your own individual impact: